Sweet Victories

Sweet Victories

We all set goals for ourselves, but some take time. It's not about the race, but the journey. As a person... I can get caught up in the hullabaloo like anyone else... thinking I need to grow faster and bigger, but we all don't want that burn out. We need to stay focused on the moments of my life. Every little step, connection, and breath is one inch closer to another moment in time. And when the moment is right, and it will, then it's time to let it grow. Let me explain.

Two years ago, I set a goal of getting my art into stores. Did that happen over night? No... I took time to get there. I invested in myself and took an eight week creative business course called Leverage Your Art, spent the next year focusing on creating more work, and the following year organizing it all. This year, I am now just starting to upload and getting my wholesale site together.

So why now?

Well it has to do with my favorite local gluten free bakery!

Sweet Peas reached out a week ago and now is carrying my greeting cards! You can pair them with your favorite sweet treat or grab a card bursting with positivity for a friend!

I was thrilled when Jina reached out to ask me if she could have my greeting cards in her shop! It had been on my list to get in touch, but my life has been focused on other goals. When she did, I knew this was the time to move forward as God guides me into the path I need to go.

I wear many hats as a mom, private art teacher, gallery curator, and now wholesaler, but every hat has its moment.

As an artist, I have a million goals, but not all of them are for me to complete. The ones that are, I let the Holy Spirit guide me to move forward next.

So here I am, dreaming big, and letting go and letting God lead the way.

If you're a shop owner and want my work in your space, reach out so I can get you my wholesale shop and catalogue.

If you just like art and inspiration, I hope my rantings gave you some more hope to keep your light burning bright. Because not every win is instant... good things take time. So allow yourself to grow slow.

Small steps, big dreams,


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