About the Artist

Sey Studios is the work of Ashleymarie Sey Lively. Her goal is to inspire others by creating lighthearted whimsy and joy. Her designs feature playful line work, cheerful color choices, and enchanted expression. Sey's illustrations are full of character and creativity, emulating the child inside us all. Her design and products are meant to bring hope and happiness to all who see it.

Photo by Theresa Wooner Photography

As little girl, Sey would stare at the art from the children's books in her grandmother's library, inspired by the characters, colors, and textures on the pages. She was in love with coloring and drawing and daydreamed to one be an artist for those books. As she grew up, she saw how each of her family members were their own entrepreneurs, finding needs in the community and filling them, and still making time for family. She also saw a need for things that made people smile. As she grew, she made art for family, friends, and even art shows, and found her creations brought smiles to everyone's faces.

Since 2010, Sey Studios her freelance journey, where she continues to make lively and whimsical art. Her art generates a vibration of life, an extension of the self and spirit, with playful optimism. Her art has been featured in books, magazines, tv shows, websites, and countless private collections. Sey creates art with a rippling effect of happiness just like waves washing onto an ocean shore.