How I leveraged my art and business to the next level!

How I leveraged my art and business to the next level!

Hello, my name is Sey. I am an affiliate for Leverage Your Art because after taking this 8 week long course in 2022, my art career changed for the better! I am still learning and using the information I was given back then. I not only have more knowledge, but a vision of how to move forward and grow with the skills and style I already processed! Are you ready to take the leap and join like the other hundreds of successful creatives? Let's go!


My Story

I have always been interested in running my own art business, and I have for the past 20 years. Since I was 18, I hit the ground running by purchasing my domain name in 2004 with no direction except I had a name and a passion to create art.

For years I studied, I painted, I drew, and learned all I could from college classes and participating in various gallery exhibits. Yet the one thing I found myself constantly running into was the overwork, overwhelm, and a block on what to do next.




Sey Studios art studio

Courses & Creativity

I heard of Leverage Your Art in 2020. I heard and looked over many courses online...but non seem to fit the vibe or feel I was looking for. Then this one came up in my feed... and sounded different. Stacie Bloomfield, the creator, had me with her positive voice and seemed to have the answers to all my creative business questions.

Since the course was so new, I took the free mini course and watched other creatives and followed their journey to see if it was for me. Another year passed, and I was still busy, and watching more creatives take the course and see their path of success blossom after. By 2022, I was convinced and ready with the story and success of others, to take the leap and learn from the bubbly Stacie Bloomfield.

Let me tell you, taking an 8 week course is no walk in the part, but this course is loaded with so much helpful information to help you grow your creative business and leverage all your art and skill you already have! It doesn't teach programs, but shows you ways to harness your artwork and have it work for you!

I took the course seriously and spent an hour every day, as recommended, and was able to complete the course on time. However, a bonus with Stacie's courses is you can rewatch, listen, or read the transcripts at any point to refer back to them in the future.

I can honestly say that it has changed my life! I have been so blessed to have formed not only a better foundation for my business along new friendships!



Sey with her studio dog, Luna

Wins Since Taking Leverage Your Art

1. Confidence. Belief in self has increased tenfold after this course, which in turn has attracted me to more like minded creatives & opportunities (local and virtual).

2. Organizing & Building Catalogue. Leverage also taught me how to use what I have already created in many ways I never would have thought of without them.

3. Launched my own art program! Since joining, I have launched my own art education program, teaching group and individual art classes for all ages.

4. Built a Cohesive Brand. Fine tuned my brand, my vision, and my story to clearly articulate my who, why, and how!

5. Became an Art Curator at a Local Gallery. I listened to my inner voice to allow myself to be an art curator again working with a local gallery & love for connecting artists with the community.

6. First Art Installation. Was asked to create a large scale art installation for a local small business & studio space for artists, and discovered I can create large scale artwork!

7. Created over 200 pieces of artwork last year! On track to create more this year!

8. Self Published 2 Coloring Books. My love for art started when I first picked up a crayon. Coming full circle back to this moment made me tear up!

9. Launched my own YouTube Channel! Now I vlog, answer creative business & gallery questions, along with making unique art asmr videos of me drawing and painting for fun and have over 200 followers in less than a few months.

10. Found my Art Tribe! I literally found my local art tribe a few weeks after writing down my goal to find more like minded creatives.

I know I have more wins, and part of my goals this year is to celebrate all of the small ones as they come. But these are just some of the most amazing things that have come from taking Leverage Your Art.



What is Leverage Your Art?

Leverage is an 8 week long course divided up in live lessons, interviews, q&a's, with worksheets, and virtual classroom taught by Stacie Bloomfield.

It's for the artist/creative who wants to take their business to the next level.

It's for the individual who is committed to putting in the time to hustle.

The course is designed for all artistic mediums, styles, and walks of life.

The lessons in this course are creative business driven, with full insights, data, and details on how to make your art successful through licensing, brand recognition, pitching yourself, how to grow your business through newsletters, the legal side of art, copyright, and so much more!


What Leverage Your Art is Not

Not a one size fits all approach.

This course is not about learning programs.

Not strictly about art licensing.


More than one Perspective!

Because this course is geared toward creative businesses, you get multiple perspectives, live interviews where you can ask questions. All of it is geared to help everyone where they are at! And this is exactly what most of us need, especially since we all think outside the box.


Ready to take the leap?

I know I was! And if you feel ready, now is the time!

As a believer in this program, I decided to become an affiliate last year. I speak from the heart how amazing this course has been for myself. So much so I joined their annual group and keep in touch and learn monthly with other alumni to continue our growth. I truly believe in the value that Stacie brings into Leverage Your Art for you and all creatives out there.

In all transparency, I also receive perks for those who sign up, but encourage everyone that this is not the reason you ever should join anything. Take the free course and see if it is for you.



Sept. 3rd - 10th:
Brand New Mini Course


Sept. 10th - 17th :
Leverage Your Art Open Enrollment




Sey in her art studio


Anyone who signs up through me for the 8 week course, will have access to a free creative group coaching session with yours truly!

Want to know more? Contact me here!

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