Mixing it up & get out of your head!

Mixing it up & get out of your head!

Did you know that you matter?

Because you do!

Each and every one of you have a reason and purpose to life. This month, I truly have felt every door that closes, another one is opening... and each opportunity that comes, if it is meant to be, it won't feel forced, and will flow with ease.

I know, I am in a huge transition moment of my life. Well, more like transformation... I feel that I'm on the edge of my next purpose and passion, which partially is giving back to the next generation and for those seeking to grow no matter what age they may be. Since opening my time and heart to teaching art classes, workshops, and private sessions, I have been so blessed to see so many find joy in creating.

I had those low moments during this shift... feeling like I wasn't worth it or had anything to offer. But in each moment I feel that way, one of you reaches out (unknowing my struggle) and shares with me something my art did or does for them to make their days better. You have no idea how much the power of reaching out to someone does. And I hope this email does the same for you too. YOU MATTER!

Featuring Keasha, Amanda from The Studio Bakersfield, Madison Cowan Art, Myself, and Emily from The Playful Space hanging out at BMOA

This past week, I had the pleasure of attending quite a few art events including ARTMIX at Bakersfield Museum of Art and Creative Coffee Club at Top Hat Art Collective. Another moment I was nervous and felt like the oddball (all in my head of course)... but then my girlfriends encouraged me to attend and not only was it fun, but I met some incredible people who reminded me of things I had done for our community that they loved and hoped it would come back. I was genuinely surprised, but it lit that fire under me again... and I felt what I have been doing mattered.

Taken by Picasso Collective

I have been so surrounded by incredible local movers and shakers, all encouraging me to keep going and growing. And now, I'm finding myself writing down future workshops and dreaming up other big things to share with the world.

Through all this, I am continuing to homeschool my kids, creating my own artwork, run my Positivity Squad Patreon community... and yet I feel that calling again... for something bigger. What all that is exactly, I will let you know soon. For now, know that you too matter. Get out and do something outside your normal routine... and God will put the right people in your path for both of you.

Keep smiling,


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