Take A Break & Explore

Take A Break & Explore

Back in the studio after a much needed refresh with the family at the beach. I went without a drop of makeup or a blow dryer and I not only survived, but I had the best time just being myself with my kids and husband, exploring the shores and walking on the beach.

The beauty was in our joy and making memories together. But also, how many times they gave me the kindness words of love and reminders that being dolled up all the time doesn't matter... that there is beauty in a smile. And myself, like anyone else needs to remember to accept the compliments! Accept that other's see your kind soul and all, and let that positivity flood your body like the biggest warm hug ever!

Now spread that kindness back and share something sweet to the next person you meet! You never know what kind of joy you can bring!

Took this photo while in Morro Bay. No, I did not add this to the random wall, but I love the message!

A lot is happening from now through summer and I am so glad you are along for the ride. Now that I'm revived and recharged, I'm ready for whatever comes next!

Share a smile,


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