Refreshed, Refueled, & Ready to Roll!

Refreshed, Refueled, & Ready to Roll!

Last week I had the honor of celebrating one of my good friend's birthdays! Emily of The Playful Space had us on a self care crawl for her 40th and had us laughing and enjoying ourselves the whole day!

Love this beautiful group of ladies, new and old! What a way to kick off another year with the most colorful tribe yet! It helped me connect with others in my community, but also to refresh my soul.

You all know I love my art and teaching and all the projects I do in between. It is also true however, that I do not fill my cup enough to enjoy moments like these. So I actually took the entire day off!

And what an amazing experience it was! Ya'll, I loved every bit of it! Definitely going to take cue from her playbook, and do something different when my birthday rolls around (December baby)!

Take a look at what we did together!

πŸ₯‚ We toasted and spent time in the sauna, had a cold plunge, and had a mini massage at Happy Whole You​

β€¨β€¨πŸŽ‰ Had fun with a black light themed workout at Bloom30

β€¨β€¨πŸŒŠ Got our zen on with a sound bath experience provided by Soundbath by Evelyn​

πŸ₯© Feasted on PrimeTime Cafe for lunch

🍷 Chilled at Campo Bar & Bottle​

β€¨β€¨πŸ§ And had the most delicious key lime cupcakes made by Sweet Peas Bakery!


It was lovely that we didn't have to go far to see all the amazing things our local area has to offer to give us a truly amazing and treasured time! Here's to celebrating friendships with love, kindness, and small business vibes!

Stay refreshed and refilled,


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