New Location for Classes!

New Location for Classes!

This month I am thrilled to announce a new home for Sey Studios classes will be in our own backyard!

Starting July, we are going to be moving all art classes and sessions over to a new location! I will be renting out my mom's back house for our classes!

This opportunity provides us with a lovely indoor space where the classes will be in the dining room and parents can hang out in the living room. It also gives us opportunity to paint on the premises outside with actual trees and even do some outdoor art for future projects. And even has it's own private bathroom!

I hope to also host art parties and workshops here as well!

Here is the Fall/Winter Class Schedule.

I'm excited to announce that I will be offering 5 different classes:

1. Art Class: Students are invited to create art through various materials, techniques, exploration, & play. Drawing, painting, mixed media, & more. Materials included. Ages K - 12th!

2. Painting Class: Discover the vibrant world of acrylic painting in this engaging and hands-on class. Perfect for both beginners & experienced artists, you'll learn essential techniques such as color mixing, brushwork, and layering. Explore various styles & subjects, from abstract to realism, while developing your unique artistic voice. Ages 10+

3. Cartooning Class: Designed for students who love to draw and want to learn the art of cartooning such as classic, kawaii, or anime. Explore character design, storytelling, and expressive drawing techniques. Develop your unique style, create your own characters, and bring exciting stories to life. Ages 10+

4. Digital Art Class: Explore the exciting world of digital art! Students will learn to draw and paint using Procreate on their tablet. They'll discover digital tools and techniques to create amazing illustrations and designs. Perfect for young artists who want to bring their ideas to life digitally. Ages 10+

5. Private Art or Creative Business Instruction: One-on-one art instruction. Students will learn through play with various mediums and techniques but will have an individualized instruction. Topics can include, drawing, painting, mixed media, art history, creative business and how to make art as a career. 

To sign up for classes click here.

For Heartland Charter families, please register here.

If you have any questions, please reach out!

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