How to build your creative community

How to build your creative community

Get out of your studio

There was a time when I would spend hours in my studio, but not really go out and be amongst the openings and other artists. Was it because I thought I was better? No, the complete opposite.

I felt intimidated and unworthy.

Was this even true? Hardly. But I put my own blinders up. I let the fear keep me in an invisible box that hindered me from being myself and sharing that light with others.

See, the secret to living is believing in yourself... and trusting that no matter what God has in store for you, or allows to happen, is for the ultimate learning journey. I always have believed even the most mundane situation or course or event that I was in, had a purpose. I would give my all for those moments to soak in all I needed to because I knew in the future, somewhere down the road, that information would be useful.

And it was. So why not think the same thing about my art?



Art making is truly vulnerable, if you allow yourself to completely create what you're called to do. You know that idea that wakes you up at 3am... or that thought that comes to you in the middle of the day? Write that down immediately! You don't want to lose it, because sometimes those creative insights will leave as fast as they go.

To be this vulnerable, you have to open your heart up to acceptance and rejection. No one wants to feel rejection, but you have to remember, there is a reason this desire to make whatever it is came to you. And art is about expression and answering that call to do what we were made to do... create. If someone doesn't like what you make, they can simply keep walking on their journey. They are at a different point, perspective, and time than you. The only things that reflects you, is your art. And your art reflects the calling from God.


Artist Meet Ups

One way to build your self confidence is to attend an artist and creative meet up. These events are usually free and vary from location to location. Some will feel right, and others not so right. Finding your people takes time, but you can't find them sitting at your desk.



Applying, submitting, and attending museum, gallery, and art shows is a great way to build community. They literally are tailored to artists like you and I. It's literally for artists. People attending usually are creatives or collectors.


Paint Nights/Craft Nights/Pottery Things

Listen, you already create art, but do something you don't normally do... try a new medium. It will not only get your creative juices flowing, but you can meet amazing people in the process.


All in all, start living

We artists need to experience the world around us to not only be inspired, but to build our community. Connecting with life, nature, and humans is a great way to start.

As you become more honest in your work, get out in the community, and share... like minded individuals will start finding you. And you will find each other.

I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to build their contacts and confidence go out and attend some art events and chat with people... you never know what will happen and what opportunities are out there if you start living.

Always growing,

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