Called to Create

I didn't always think I could become an artist. I wanted to, but growing up art wasn't seen as a job, but a hobby. But I kept looking around and all I saw was art; in books, on billboards, on notebooks, and cards. I wanted to be that. I knew I had to be an artist and add more color to the world.

A morning in the art studio filled with rainbows of possibility.

And so I kept making art at a young age. It wasn't mind-blowing or earth shattering, but my soul felt complete in each colorful stroke I put down.

So if you feel called to something, it keeps coming up in your face, and you just can't shake it, maybe it's time to ask yourself, are you meant to face a new direction? Are you meant for something greater. Maybe it's time to try. All you need is to make one step forward, one tiny baby step, and you will know, echoing in the core of your being, if you are meant for this space that you are curious enough to hold for a moment.

Listen to your heart. Listen to that beat. Maybe the drum keeps pounding in your ear to get your attention.

I'm glad I kept trying.

I'm grateful I never gave up (even though I felt like I wanted to so many times.)

Keep going, keep growing, and keep being grateful for every minute.

Keep on smiling,

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