March Madness

My mission is and will always be to create happy art that makes others smile. This month, nay, this year may have started off crazy, but life wouldn’t be a ride without a little bit. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see I’ve been staying busy and posting lots of new art! Feel free to catch me live painting on there or see sneak peeks. I have a fun giveaway going on for the week that you don’t want to miss out!

Sending love and good vibes to my happy little tribe! Take one day at a time and do something new. For me, it has been reorganizing my space, cooking, and making lots of art.


What? Yes! I know! I’m excited too!

This extra time has given me a chance to finish past commissions, and now I HAVE OPENED SOME UP AGAIN! Finally? I know!

I have a few spots remaining for commissions for anyone who is interested. If you have a different idea that what is listed THAT IS OK! Let’s talk! Limited spaces. To claim a slot, head over on my Instagram for more details!


Want to receive monthly rewards instead? Check out the club over on my Patreon and see what the fuss is all about! This month any new member can get in on the Lil’ Orphan Alien design in stickers, magnets, postcards, coloring page, and many other items! Select the one that speaks to you and each month find something new waiting in your inbox or by your front door.


Bubble Pop Gallery’s physical events are currently is on pause until everything clears up. That means the Tiki Bubble Beach Party 3 is going to be rescheduled. No fear! It will come. Be sure to visit and follow for more details and updates.

HOWEVER, there will be an POP UP ONLINE event on Bubble Pop Gallery’s Instagram Live on Friday, April 3rd! Check in to see the live stream of awesomeness! There will be artist interviews, studio tours, art demos, and more!

Keep up those good positive vibes my friends!

Blessings and love,