Happy May and more news!

Hi everyone! Thank you again for all your support! It has been a whirlwind of change and adapting. And I am busy as ever, which I cannot thank you all enough for! You are not only supporting an artist, but a family and my small business! Thank you!

Patreon Rewards

Have you checked out my Patreon club recently? Each month I offer a new theme to those members subscribed. Some tiers are already filled, but there are plenty more spots that might be perfect for you! Find it here – www.patreon.com/seystudios

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MerMay Originals for Auction

I have a handful of mermaid themed originals up for auction this month in honor of MerMay. You will find the Auctions happening on my INSTAGRAM so be sure to follow me. They may happen during Shop with Sey Live or be posted! So keep your eyes peeled.

Etsy Shop Update!!!

I will be updating and adding prints and stickers and more to my Etsy Shop! This is especially nice for those who don’t like shopping live. All sales include FREE SHIPPING!

I also make themed name paintings for those interested with pretty much any theme and can even paint dates and words as well. Just let me know in the notes section of the listing before you add it to your cart.

It is a tedious process of adding items, but if there is something you really have your heart set on and it isn’t listed, let me know.


Limited commission slots have opened up. Please see the post on my Instagram.

Coco MoCA: A New York Experience

Here’s a fun throw back! Exactly 8 years ago, my artwork was featured in CONAN’s Coco MoCA at Time Warner Square in Columbus Circle in New York City in November of 2011. I don’t know how I didn’t notice this until now, but they posted the art online with audio commentary by Conan and Andy. You can listen to it below!

“Conan: The Great Entertainer” by Ashleymarie Sey Lively, acrylic on illustration board, created in 2010.

I love Conan and love Abraham Lincoln, and so I painted this piece as a tribute to both greats. This idea spawned from a political illustration project for a class back in collage (go California State University of Long Beach illustration department) which was almost a decade ago.

Now, my calling is to rather draw things that people find funny and entertaining, and I hated the project. Politics can be ugly, and Conan got myself and many friends laughing through some dark times. He and Andy still do. So needless to say, I’m grateful I found a work around that fit my persona and made so many people smile.

I didn’t make this piece for his show, it was for a class project. I saw that his team was accepting submissions after I had graduated, so I figured I would send it in. I didn’t think it would get picked. My heart skipped a beat and I squeed inside when I saw when it aired on the tv before a commercial break.

THank you!

So huge thank you and shout out to Conan and his amazing team for picking my goofy artwork to be displayed in such a show. I remember when my dad was so proud when it aired on tv and then was chosen to be in the exhibit.

Lesson: if you are still in school or doing a small what-you-think-is-meaningless project, take your time creating. Have fun doing with what you’re doing. You never know where else it may take you.

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