Whimsy now and Fae-bruary here we come!

“Kindness Sprinkles” original by Sey Studios,
now available in my Etsy shop.

If you have been following my updates on INSTAGRAM then you will have seen I have taken on a new challenge this year called Whimsuary. This challenge involves creating three new things a week. It has been fun playing with new color combinations and carefree creations. These originals and merch will be available in my shop in the coming weeks. Some originals are already for sale. I have been going live making these creations with my audience. There are no set times due to my schedule, but if you make sure to turn on your Notifications in Instagram so you don’t miss out, you certainly can!

This month I’m happy to announce my “Happy Moon Rising” theme on PATREON! Join the club any time in January to receive your first reward in February! Choose from themed monthly digital downloads, stickers, magnets, postcards, paint nights, originals and more! Get exclusive behind the scene updates only available to members, along with fun monthly perks! Limited spots. Get them while they are open. Join SEY’S PATREON CLUB today!

“Le Fae Art Show ” presented by BUBBLE POP GALLERY

I am happy to announce that I will be curating a new show for BUBBLE POP GALLERY this time VIRTUALLY! Starting February 1st, Bubble Pop Gallery will be featuring a new artist daily for the entire month in their LE FAE ART SHOW featuring all things fairy and whimsy on the gallery’s website and Instagram.

This curated collection is a collaboration with ISLE OF MAGIC MARKETPLACE which will be featuring a new vendor daily during the month! We are excited to work along with such an amazing event, and I cannot wait to show you want is coming. You can also find exclusive items in my shop on my feature day of ISLE. Stay tuned for details as well. Be sure to follow ISLE OF MAGIC MARKETPLACE on Instagram.

Chonky Polar Bear sticker and LE signed print, now for sale in the Shop. Limited Chonk of the Month calendars left too!

The SEY STUDIOS ETSY SHOP is updated with new goodies ranging from stickers, magnets, prints, minis, originals, and customs. Be sure to check it out on the here.

New Interview with Ijeoma on EPISODE 298 featuring Ashleymarie Sey Lively of Sey Studios of the ETSY CONVERSATIONS PODCAST! Please check it out on iTunes or visit her site where you can listen online.

Coming soon…

Flora & Fauna Art Show
Sip & Paint Art Classes
New Patreon Theme
Live Art on Instagram
Sales on Instagram Live


Happy May and more news!

Hi everyone! Thank you again for all your support! It has been a whirlwind of change and adapting. And I am busy as ever, which I cannot thank you all enough for! You are not only supporting an artist, but a family and my small business! Thank you!

Patreon Rewards

Have you checked out my Patreon club recently? Each month I offer a new theme to those members subscribed. Some tiers are already filled, but there are plenty more spots that might be perfect for you! Find it here – www.patreon.com/seystudios

Shop with Sey every Thursday!

Join and follow me at www.instagram.com/seystudios for live sales every Thursday for special auctions and sales all happening live only! Be sure to check out my Instagram Stories and turn on the event alert when it is posted so you don’t miss out.

MerMay Originals for Auction

I have a handful of mermaid themed originals up for auction this month in honor of MerMay. You will find the Auctions happening on my INSTAGRAM so be sure to follow me. They may happen during Shop with Sey Live or be posted! So keep your eyes peeled.

Etsy Shop Update!!!

I will be updating and adding prints and stickers and more to my Etsy Shop! This is especially nice for those who don’t like shopping live. All sales include FREE SHIPPING!

I also make themed name paintings for those interested with pretty much any theme and can even paint dates and words as well. Just let me know in the notes section of the listing before you add it to your cart.

It is a tedious process of adding items, but if there is something you really have your heart set on and it isn’t listed, let me know.


Limited commission slots have opened up. Please see the post on my Instagram.

March Madness

My mission is and will always be to create happy art that makes others smile. This month, nay, this year may have started off crazy, but life wouldn’t be a ride without a little bit. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see I’ve been staying busy and posting lots of new art! Feel free to catch me live painting on there or see sneak peeks. I have a fun giveaway going on for the week that you don’t want to miss out!

Sending love and good vibes to my happy little tribe! Take one day at a time and do something new. For me, it has been reorganizing my space, cooking, and making lots of art.


What? Yes! I know! I’m excited too!

This extra time has given me a chance to finish past commissions, and now I HAVE OPENED SOME UP AGAIN! Finally? I know!

I have a few spots remaining for commissions for anyone who is interested. If you have a different idea that what is listed THAT IS OK! Let’s talk! Limited spaces. To claim a slot, head over on my Instagram for more details!


Want to receive monthly rewards instead? Check out the club over on my Patreon and see what the fuss is all about! This month any new member can get in on the Lil’ Orphan Alien design in stickers, magnets, postcards, coloring page, and many other items! Select the one that speaks to you and each month find something new waiting in your inbox or by your front door.


Bubble Pop Gallery’s physical events are currently is on pause until everything clears up. That means the Tiki Bubble Beach Party 3 is going to be rescheduled. No fear! It will come. Be sure to visit and follow www.bubblepopgallery.com for more details and updates.

HOWEVER, there will be an POP UP ONLINE event on Bubble Pop Gallery’s Instagram Live on Friday, April 3rd! Check in to see the live stream of awesomeness! There will be artist interviews, studio tours, art demos, and more!

Keep up those good positive vibes my friends!

Blessings and love,


Upcoming Events

Maker’s Market

Leap into the spring this Saturday at Cloud 9 Coffee’s monthly Maker’s Market from 9am – 2pm! Find my table and shop with Sey in person!

Women’s Art Show

In celebration of Women’s History Month, “RISE: An All Female Artist Showcase” opens on Friday, March 6th at Bubble Pop Gallery, held at the downtown pop-up location in the East Lobby of The Fox Theater. Free to attend. All art for sale. Come see some amazing artwork, artists, and our beautiful community!


  • LIVE ARTISTS: Critterosity
  • SWEET TREATS SOLD BY The Homegirls
  • and MORE!

After opening night, the show will move over to Temblor Brewing Company where it will remain up for the month.

Patreon Peeks!

Join my Patreon for special tiered rewards and perks. Supporting me monthly on Patreon unlocks behind the scenes updates, tutorials, and original creations! Limited spots available! Less than 4 days left to jump on February’s design! March sign ups start the 1st with a new design each month. Pick your tier and join the monthly subscription package each month for amazing Sey designs!

Shop with Sey on Thursdays!

Every Thursday, jump on Instagram live to shop originals, prints, stickers, and more for special deals and discounts! Follow @seystudios and be sure to turn on Notifications in Instagram so you don’t miss out! Also watch for art auctions happening on my posts! You never know what original you could get your hands on!

A refreshing new look!

Welcome to my new website and blog!

Stay up to date and read the latest details on upcoming shows, events, and art announcements including commissions and more!

This new revamp is long over due, for sure! I mean, my last one got me through, but this one is going to be even better. I’ve been living on updates through my Instagram and Facebook pages, but never hosting content on my own site would mean anything. Who wants to read what an artist has to say?

The idea of blogging has always been daunting to me. I mean me? A writer? Honestly, I always wanted to be one. I have some ideas in the works and others I’m dusting off from my many sketchbooks and journals. It is definitely close to them coming out into the world, but that is for another time and date.

I’m excited to share here everything I’m working on and where you can find me next.

Here you’ll find updates about where you can find my art hanging out next, where I may be doing live art, what I do, and more. Kinda like a journal but for the public. You can even subscribe so any time I post (which won’t be daily, I promise), you’ll be notified so you won’t miss a thing.

Now, there are going to be special secret updates, behind the scenes, and perks for those who support me on Patreon. If you’re interested there are spaces left.

Thank you everyone who has supported me this far in my career! Explore the site and my portfolio.

I hope you all enjoy and if you are interested in working with me, please go to the Contact section and let’s start the conversation!

Photo taken by Theresa Wooner Photography.