Letter Art

Name paintings

The art of name paintings comes from the ancient Chinese leather brush art. I have been taught and doing letter art for almost ten years and now have perfected it into my own unique style.

All names are hand painted and made-to-order using handmade brushes and a special mix of paint and ink.

Each are all personalized with a theme of your choice. Letters are painted with a character/creature/plant element and can be customized in many different ways.

You can find more samples and shop designs through my Etsy Shop.

Time lapse video of the process. Here I am painting a Coco/Day of the Dead inspired theme.

Letter art & Illustrated Windows

Highlight your business with some extra flare with some hand drawn illustration and lettering on the window of your business or event. This can be seasonal and changeable.

Interested clients please fill out the commission form on the Contact page.

Florals grab the attention and provide great eye catching imagery that will draw people in.
Window Display at Bubble Pop Gallery’s “Princess Art Show” during the First Friday Bakersfield art walk. Collaboration project with other local artists.

All artwork is copyright and owned by Ashleymarie Sey Lively of Sey Studios and may not be used without written permission.