Coco MoCA: A New York Experience

Here’s a fun throw back! Exactly 8 years ago, my artwork was featured in CONAN’s Coco MoCA at Time Warner Square in Columbus Circle in New York City in November of 2011. I don’t know how I didn’t notice this until now, but they posted the art online with audio commentary by Conan and Andy. You can listen to it below!

“Conan: The Great Entertainer” by Ashleymarie Sey Lively, acrylic on illustration board, created in 2010.

I love Conan and love Abraham Lincoln, and so I painted this piece as a tribute to both greats. This idea spawned from a political illustration project for a class back in collage (go California State University of Long Beach illustration department) which was almost a decade ago.

Now, my calling is to rather draw things that people find funny and entertaining, and I hated the project. Politics can be ugly, and Conan got myself and many friends laughing through some dark times. He and Andy still do. So needless to say, I’m grateful I found a work around that fit my persona and made so many people smile.

I didn’t make this piece for his show, it was for a class project. I saw that his team was accepting submissions after I had graduated, so I figured I would send it in. I didn’t think it would get picked. My heart skipped a beat and I squeed inside when I saw when it aired on the tv before a commercial break.

THank you!

So huge thank you and shout out to Conan and his amazing team for picking my goofy artwork to be displayed in such a show. I remember when my dad was so proud when it aired on tv and then was chosen to be in the exhibit.

Lesson: if you are still in school or doing a small what-you-think-is-meaningless project, take your time creating. Have fun doing with what you’re doing. You never know where else it may take you.

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