The Art of Names

Name painting with various themes made by Sey Studios.

I used to live paint in front of thousands and thousands of people. It was fun. The location was lovely. But I do not miss the outfit. However, I wouldn’t be where I am today without this odd job that I happened to get.

See, I used to work at the happiest place on earth. It was pretty fabulous. I actually applied originally to be a portrait artist or a face painter. Though someone saw something special in me for name painting. (Let’s be honest… I couldn’t even read these when they hired me… but if you stand back a few feet the characters go away and you can see the letters. It’s pretty trippy.)

After my mind was blown by this tidbit, I started learning these seemingly simple pieces were way more complicated than they appeared. Years of practice later, I now have my own Etsy Shop and work for myself.

Painting live is always a thrill. The smiling faces and the sense of wonder when someone would see a character appear before their eyes. I’m starting to do more live events when I can, depending on my busy schedule. I love meeting new people and making magic for them. I recently did a live event at The Historic Fox Theater in Bakersfield, CA during one of their movie screenings and it was the best time. I cannot wait to go back again.

For the most part I paint almost every day, but now from the comfort of my own studio, in the shade. (Yay!)

Name painting does not define me, but it makes up a huge part of my creation experience. I did not think I would be here today, still painting names with themes and generic designs like flowers, animals, and reptiles. But I love doing it. I love lettering and letter art. I love illustration. This is like meshing multiple styles and worlds and mediums into one. It’s so cool and never boring, especially with customers who make it interesting with unique themes or mix and matching characters to make their name/word/number/date completely personalized.

There was a time when I stopped, and friends and family kept asking me. Then their friends and family came to me. When you find something you are good at, you don’t hide it under a bushel. Let it shine! So that moment, was just a flicker.

Since then, I haven’t stopped. I’ve been doing name art for a very long time. I can even make them custom in size and multiple lines. It’s cool to see something like this pictured at a wedding.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening, wherever you may be. I’m going to go get back to what I do best, painting.


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